Video Sharing Sites List 2018

Free Video Sharing Sites List 2017-18

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Videos can be a fun way to get more website traffic by telling more about your business than an article can. Even if your video is simply an introduction to your website, you can increase traffic.

Why create videos?

These allow people to see who you are or more about your product. Words can describe something but actually being able to see it do what words can not. People can see how a product works. They can hear your enthusiasm when you talk about the service. They can understand your instructions easier. Viewers can learn more about you. Many people like a visual reference.

How do I add a video to my website?

While you can add a video directly to your website, but it is actually better to add it to a Video Sharing Site. There are many video sharing sites available online, including the very Popular Video Sharing Site YouTube. Metacafe, Viddler, Graspr, DailyMotion, and Yahoo video are just a few video sharing sites available. You upload your video to one of these sites and use their embed codes to add your video to your website.

Why should I add my video to a video sharing site?

Free Video sharing sites are growing in popularity as more and more people get fast internet services at home and on the go. As they view the fun video their friends just sent, then your video may come up on their screen. They may come across your recording looking for something else, if they like it they will share it with others.

How does a video get more website traffic?

Most of the Best Video Sharing Sites allow you to add a description and tags. You can add keywords related to the visual recording and your website to get more website traffic. The keywords must be related to your video, but it is a video related to your website it will be the same words you would use there. This means when someone types in those words at the video sharing site search, they may come across your video.

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