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What do you Mean By Forum Posting in SEO?

SEO Forums are a place to discuss about all, it’s nothing but conversation. Many people will participate & interactive here with their knowledge, doubts and suggestions. Forum Submission is not only used for marketing purposes but also generating traffic to a website .

Benefits of Forum PostingForum Posting Site List 2016

1. Building back links to your website.
2. Forum Posting is an Internet Marketing service which uses forum communities to build inbound links.
3. Produces targeted traffic and generates more sales.
4. Deep linking is possible through forum posting which will help in augmenting the SERPs.
5. Attracts a lot of referral traffic.



How do I Get Backlinks from Forum Posting Sites ?

1. Relevance/Audience

Find the most relevant forums for your business where your target audience resides.

2. Quality/Authority

Shortlist the most authoritative forums based on the quality content and audience base.

3. Guidelines/Code of conduct

Read and understand the rules of each forum before creating your profile and start posting a post just for the sake of getting a link-back.

4. Contribution

Once the rules are thoroughly understood, create a profile and fill all the necessary details. It will make your profile look genuine and give an impression of a real person.

5. Getting Backlinks

Once you have established yourself as a reputed contributor, you can get backlinks on a regular basis.

Types of Forum Site


  Travel Forum
  Technology Forum
  Web Master forum
  Gaming Forum
  Android Forum
   Health Forum
   Entertainment Forum

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