List of Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2017

Top 60 + Google Adsense Highest Paying Keywords 2017

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Google Adsense Top Paying Keyword Lists with Keywords, Competing Pages and Suggestions

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The Most Expensive PPC Keywords

Surprisingly, 97% comes from on the web pay-per-click advertising.  We can’t get enough PPC; that’s why we decided to conduct some research and find out what the most high priced keywords are in Google. Some of our results about the most popular and most expensive PPC keywords were to be anticipated, while some (like cord blood and mesothelioma treatment) amazed us and our readers.

The highest cost keywords. If you are considering stepping into one of these industries, get ready to pay a high cost per click rates for the top keywords. While some may start treatment facilities for the greater good, be aware that you’ll wind up in probably one of the most expensive niche groups, with your paid search engine marketing wallet are affected from those high CPCs.

The absolute most expensive SEM keywords could be frustrating for anyone in the industries, but they would be the best keywords for Google, who makes 97% of revenue from advertising on Google sites (AdWords, AdSense). Within the past few four quarters, the greatest player in search engine history introduced $32. 2 billion in general advertising revenue.

The absolute most Expensive AdWords Keywords

Whilst the minimum bid per keyword is five cents in AdWords, the high-cost keywords listed are near that nowhere. Google will make up to $50 per click from the most high priced PPC keywords. Keyword advertising is a lucrative business for Google highly. Find out more about the expense of AdWords here.

The absolute most high-priced niche groups investing in the most high priced keywords are industries with very high whole life customer value; the absolute most high priced AdWords keywords exist in industries where in actuality the customer pay-off is significantly high. Fundamentally, the amount of money insurance providers get from an individual becoming a member of insurance with them makes the high cost per click rates worth the investment, even at $54 a click.

How to check Most Expensive Google Keyword

  1. Open Google Adwords
  2. Login Account or Signup 
  3. Enter Your Search Term
  4. Click Search Icon 
  5. Find Niche Keywords,  Local Monthly Searches and Find CPC Rate
  6. You can also filter Best Keywords
Expensive google keyword
Expensive google keyword

 Businesses in Expensive Google Keyword Niches

Asking yourself, Can I use AdWords? If you are inside an industry paying big bucks for the most expensive Google AdWords keywords, you will want to ensure you are implementing pay per click marketing best practices. Here are few keywords

Top 25 Most Expensive Keywords
Keyword Average CPC
 Business Services $58.64
 Bail Bonds $58.48
 Casino $55.48
 Lawyer $54.86
 Asset Management $49.86
 Insurance $48.41
 Cash Services & Payday Loans $48.18
 Cleanup & Restoration Services $47.61
 Degree $47.36
 Medical Coding Services $46.84
 Rehab $46.14
 Psychic $43.78
 Timeshare $42.13
 HVAC $41.24
 Business Software $41.12
 Medical Needs $40.73
 Loans $40.69
 Plumber $39.19
 Termites $38.88
 Pest Control $38.84
 Mortgages $36.76
 Online Gambling $32.84
 Banking $31.43
 Hair Transplant $31.37
 Google AdWords $30.06

Quality Score: High AdWords Quality Scores can reduce your CPC and help you pay less for the most successful keywords. Tools like the Keyword Niche Finder provide you with the power to divide large keyword lists into smaller, more segmented lists that one may write targeted ad text for easily, causing improved Quality Scores and better keyword rankings.

Be Specific: Target specific, 3-5 word keywords. A Google can be utilized by you AdWords keyword tool to generate specific keyword ideas, both long and broad tail keywords.

Use Negative Keywords: Make use of a negative keyword tool to locate keywords you do not want to exhibit up for. Irrelevant keywords result in high-cost clicks that’ll never drive conversions, when bidding on the absolute most high-priced keywords at $50 per click, negative keywords positively are essential.

Focus on Relevancy

Landing Page Optimization: While most AdWords conversion rates stay around 2%, we will frequently see landing pages convert at 20% or even 30%. The key to landing page optimization is to continuously try out several types of offers and test how people answer them.

Top 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:


Find Best Expensive Keywords with Total Searches and CPC Rate

Expensive google keyword list
Expensive google keyword list

How Can Google Make Its Revenues?

Many people are amazed to discover that Google makes 97% of their revenue from on the web pay-per-click advertising. We chose to dig in and break apart exactly which keywords makes Google the most money.

We organized the grand total keyword list into categories by theme then, such as for instance “Credit, ” or “Insurance. ” The greatest keyword categories were based on weighting the actual number of key words in each category, as well the estimated monthly search volume and average CPC for every single keyword.

Exactly why is Quality Score Essential for Bidding on Competitive Keywords?

Quality Score is key for using AdWords and getting the most out of your advertising budget effortlessly. When bidding on competitive key words, Quality Score is very important because Good quality Scores will help you reduce your average cost-per-click.

If you’re concerned with your Quality Score, decide to try running the free AdWords Grader, a totally free tool that helps advertisers evaluate their PPC campaigns based on crucial metrics like Quality Score. If you low score, Quality Score may be improved by writing more targeted ad landing and text pages.


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