How to Increase Adsense Earning | Maximize Adsense Revenue | Adsense CPC Optimization 2017-2018

Ways to increase the Adsense earning through increase CPC & CTR Adsense rates 2018

Find here best strategies to increase Adsense revenue easily

Looking for the ways to increase the Adsense earning through increase COST-PER-CLICK & CTR Adsense prices? This is the right place where you can find best tips & techniques for raising Adsense earnings through Google Adsense CPC rates of the website, blogs etc.

How to maximize AdSense Revenue – Google Adsense is the best Ad network as well as its the first choice of beginners who just started money making writing a blog. Adsense is the Google’s well known for high CPM rates that allow marketers to display Google CPM advertising on blogs. AdSense works together AdWords advertisers bidding on your own ad slots for just how much they’re ready to pay per click for ads. As an AdSense publisher, you could get as low as $0. 01 or more than 50 dollars per click. So if Adsense is the primary source of income to suit your needs, then it is recommended to acquire high CPM rates and get more Cost Per Click by following Adsense terms & conditions to get Adsense optimization. If you are in a position to drive massive search visitors but your monthly AdSense income, not enough to what you expected then you need to realize that you’re missing something. As well as the question is WHAT?

What is the CPC?

What approaches used to get High CPC Earning? How much does Google pay-per-click? How much can you make with Google Adsense? How much Adsense pay per click? The keywords perform an important role on how very much can you make from Google Adsense. Here the website owner can use high CPC keywords by Adsense to increase their very own online visibility and cost through rates. There are best ways to increase the Google Adsense revenue.

Niches and high Paying Adsense keywords

The keywords and niches own a great impact on AdSense COST-PER-CLICK rates. Using trending topics and relevant pages in your niche. Using webmaster tool, verify what people are searching and searching about to find information in your site. According to the keyword research, you may choose high CPC keywords and try to use  with more organic and natural keywords in your content.

Google Adsense Revenue Increment Tips:

  1. Strictly follow the Google Adsense rules for Publisher
  2. Choose high paying Niche for your blog or Website
  3. Find your Business or Service related Keywords
  4. Check the Keyword density, average monthly search you just selected
  5. Placing ads on the top of a page like a header is good option to place ad
  6. Using images Banner like 728*90, 468*60 and Text  link unit ads together is good
  7. Use non-standard types of ads for maximum revenue
  8. Choose the right Adsense format like 300* 600, 300*250 etc for your blog
  9. Use Adsense for search unit like google search console
  10. Use multiple ad units in same page or post on the website
  11. Change the color of your ads to match your website Palette, site theme related
  12. Use Adsense multiple Palettes, Box Size of ads (Must use different palettes)
  13. Use horizontal link units Responsive ad unit size (navbar, Above post)
  14. Do occasional experiments with positioning of ads
  15. Ad placement Must Matter like 300*600 use widget sidebar, 728*90 header placement
  16. Avoid borders ads and popup ads on the post
  17. Turn low paying units into image only ads
  18. Promote your site with Google Adword
  19. Reduce total number of outgoing links or use Nofollow all external link on the Website
  20. Create multiple ad banners on the same page or Post
  21. Use all possible Adsense features available in Adsense Account Setting
  22. Choose the right ads for the right place on the content or site navigation
  23. Make sure your ads are visible
  24. Use section targeting
  25. Your link units should be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors
  26. Get targeted traffic
  27. Drive traffic to your blogs by SEO and backlinks.
  28. Use Adword tools to help your site
  29. Use Adsense channels to track performance
  30. Avoid MFA ( made for Adsense ) sites
  31. Keep track of your ads
  32. Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters
  33. Don’t overblock ads
  34. Use Adsense preview tool
  35. For short article place ads on the top of the content
  36. For long articles place ads in the middle of the content as well
  37. Avoid using common blog words
  38. Do not set Google AdSense as a secondary ad option
  39. Publish fresh content
  40. Register on hub pages and use the same Adsense account
  41. Register on bukisa and use the same Adsense account
  42. Register on docstoc and upload files with the same Adsense account
  43. Make use of Revenue sharing sites
  44. Join Youtube Partners
  45. Get rid of public service ads
  46. Avoid titles such as sponsored ads in widgets

Must know all Points Uses of AdSense

AdSense Revenue: AdSense Revenue is the amount of money you’ve made in your selected time period (1 week, 1 months etc).

Ads clicked: It Calculate a number of ads clicked by viewers.

Ads clicked/visit: is the total number of visits, divided by the number of ads clicked.

CTR: CTR stands for Click Through Rate and this is the percentage of clicks you get for each ad impression on the Site.

eCPM: eCPM stands for effective Cost Per 1000 impressions (M being a roman numeral). It’s the total earnings per 1000 impressions.

AdSense Ads Viewed: AdSense Ads Viewed is the total number of ads seen, from all multiple ads on all the pageviews.

AdSense Unit Impressions: Visit is the number of ads that are viewed by visitors, per visit.

AdSense Page Impressions:  IT is a number of pages viewed that have AdSense ads on them.

AdSense Page Impressions:   Visit is similar to pages viewed per visit, only it pages with ads viewed, per visit.

Note: Overall Following Tips must Use for Increase your Adsense Account

Write Content That Links Within Your Site
Text and Image Ads (MIX Ads USE)
Increase Ad Size (like 300*600, 728*90 etc)
Ad Placement (like header use banner in content use link text unit option is best)

Thanks and Maximize AdSense Revenue

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