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What Do you understand by Blog Commenting ?

Blog Commenting is a link building tactic, since the comment links back to the page that was submitted in the “Website” field. Blog commenting should not be done only for link building, but it is an added benefit.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

1.  Creates opportunity – By regularly engaged on blogs you can build and expand your contacts and this will lead to new business opportunities .
2. Raises your profile – By Actively participating in the Blog Commenting your profile will going to be raised as your comments will be noticed by other readers .
3. Drives traffic to your own blog – It can drive more visits as other readers, commentators and the blog author will want to learn more about you. They may even leave you a reciprocal comment!
4. You’ll learn something newBlog commenting is just a platform of sharing your experience and Knowledge .It will enhance your Knowledge .
5. Sparks more blogging ideas -Reading other blogs is inspiring and the debate may spark an idea to present an alternate view in your own article.

How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic ?

In High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Site list:–

1. Finding the Right Blogs – When you’re searching for places to comment, you’re looking for blogs in your industry. And not just any blogs, but ones that receive some good traffic and engagement.
2. Organizing Your Blogs – Your Blogs must be Organized
3. Try to be First – Try to be first on Blog Commenting
4. Only Comment if You Have Something Valuable to Add to the Discussion – Your Comment should be unique and must be valuable to the discussion
5. Become a Regular – Try to Comment Regularly .
6. The Results – At last Results will be Valuable Backlinks and Traffic .

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