Free High PR Dofollow Web Directory Site list

What do you mean by Directory Submission ?

Directory Submission is a Off Page Activity .It is done for the backlinks of our site through which our Page Rank is increase in Google searches .In the same we have to submit our site to another site  and for the submission of site . We have to follow its procedure like first of all we have to select category then our next step will be  to select the Options like Paid One, Reciprocal, Free and accordingly we will be getting backlinks after or within the given time duration .

Free High PR Dofollow Web Directory Site list

If you want to Search for Directory Submission sites you should use High PR ,DA (Domain Authority ), PA (Page Authority).

What Kind of Data is Required for the Directory Submission: –
(1) Title.
(2) Keyword.
(3) Description.
(4) Email id.

What is the Importance of Directory Submission in SEO?

1) Get quality backlinks

2) Getting massive exposure

3) Chances of getting review requests or paid post opportunities

4) Increase in blog’s overall earnings

5) High Ranking

What is the Procedure of Directory Submission ?

1. Select the Category
2. Select the Backlinks Options :
Paid One
3. Title
4. Description
5. Keywords
6. Website URL
7. Submission

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