Benefits of Mobile Optimized Websites – Better SEO & Sales

The SEO Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website: To let your website be easy to found by search engine robots and get ranked well in search engines results and enhance your business output, you need to ensure you that your website is SEO friendly and there are not any pieces which Search robots don’t like.

Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website – SEO

Here is a quick guide which you can follow to ensure that your website is loved by robots. Meta information- The meta information is “The most important” piece of your website from search engine robots eye. When the robots visit your website, they start their digging through by checking the Meta information on your website. The meta information includes many parts but most important are- Meta title, description, and keywords. The meta title should be something meaningful which gives users indication of what kind of information the webpage has. The description describes what you will find when you read the page. Keywords are the page that houses the relevant keywords for the particular webpage.

You should ensure that keywords that you include on the pages is relevant for the content and are referred in the content.

Header tags– Search engines robots understand the importance of the content with the help of different HTML tags. With HTML head tags i.e. H1, H2, H3 etc are heading tags, work in a very similar way you would create tags for the main section, subsection, sub-subsections and so on. So don’t forget to include the head tags to let the robots know which are more pieces of the content and thus give importance accordingly.

Quality contentContent is king on web. If the content is original and meaning, it is sure to attract people and makes perfect recipe for attracting the search engine robots. Be sure that the content is not copied, is relevant to the Meta title and keywords that you included for the web page and has the right “Keyword density”. Also ensure that the content has correct grammar and no spelling mistakes; as such errors can send wrong signals to the visitors about the poor quality of attention to your website and hence lead the same for your business.  Google analytics- Google analytics is a free service from Google. With Google analytics you can track that which pages you users are visiting, from what sources you are getting the traffic (the advertising channels or referring websites) or what keywords are driving the traffic to your website. You can also track which countries (and what cities) the users are coming from. You can also track which are most interesting pages (where users spend longer time) or boring pages (where people move away fast or leave the website).

With all this information you can adjust your marketing campaigns, improve the content quality of weak pages etc.

Use of flash– Where using flash can enhance the interactivity of your website, it can be unpleasant for Search engine robots due to their inability to read the text within the flash file. So it is good to have flash if you like however it is better not the whole website in flash or major part of the website in flash.

Google XML sitemapGoogle XML sitemap is a sitemap which helps the Search engine robots to see which all pages exist on your website and thus makes it easy for the robots to refer to the Google XML sitemap and thus visit the different pages on your website. It makes the task of search engine robots easy and thus they love. In absence of the Google XML sitemap, search engine robots may not be able to see which all pages are there on your website and visit those pages.

So if you adhere to above items and build them on your website, you can achieve the goal of making your website SEO Friendly:

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