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What is SEM & Paid Search Marketing

Learn PPC | SEM | Paid Search Marketing Online: – Pay Per Click (PPC)  Marketings is usually referred to the paid for ads that appear in colored boxes on the search results page of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The ads that are placed are related to the word or phrase that the user has typed into the text search box. If a user clicks on your ad, the search engine provider will charge you for the user clicking on the ad. The amount will be vary according to some factors, my mainly it will be on how popular the keyword is. The popularity is decided on the number of PPC marketers also bidding on that keyword, the less there is, the cheaper the click. So it can be a couple of cents to some dollars.

Although it may seem that only big companies can afford the cost of advertising on these websites, this is not always true. You can start for a little at $10 a day if you want, and if you commission is $15 a sale, then you have made a $5 profit for only one sale. Internet marketing experts will know how to make the cost per click lower. The lower the clicks, the more people clicking on your ad. So they aim for lots of clicks per day to their websites, through the ad, and provides they sound convincing on their sales page, they could generate multiple sales per day.

You do not have to sell the goods yourself but merely link to a website, the merchant’s site that completes the sales transaction. This is known as affiliate marketing, and the affiliate marketer is simply a salesperson working on commission. It is the merchant’s responsibility to hold the stock, handle orders, and deal with customer issues. Many affiliates are attracted to PPC marketing because they can start selling immediately. One day they have set up an ad group with their desired keywords, and the next day they have directed enough visitors to the merchant’s site to make a tidy profit. Compared to SEO techniques which are cheaper, but can take 1 to 6 months to get results, PPC is fasters and more predictable.

Ppc management

However, with PPC you can also lose money quickly if you do not know what you are doing. The keywords may be too expensive; the ads may not be attracting buyers, only browsers, the sales page and keywords do not match up correctly, causing visitors to leave your site too quickly. Google also has another factor that judges your PPC campaign called Quality Score, too low a Quality Score, and you will soon have non-profit making PPC campaign. Many experienced PPC marketers even fall foul of this penalty.

Ppc analysis
Ppc analysis

Wealthy Affiliate has extensive expertise in creating profitable PPC campaigns, with many PPC Experts available to help and answers your questions. Their training will help you ensure that you choose the profitable keywords, and keep a Quality Score.

They will help you build a successful PPC business, even if have just started out in internet marketing, and have an extensive collection of tutorials, videos, guides and forum posts. If you are serious about PPC marketing, enrolling in a good training course will make sure you succeed.

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