Will a 301 Redirect url Passes Link Juice and Page rank?

How does 301 and 302 Redirect affect SEO? 

Something which specifically I like concerning Google Webmaster is, they remove our Search Engine Optimization uncertainties, however at the same time Matt Cutts prefer to keep the complications on. You might totally recognize that from the video clip below, as well as I will certainly discuss this with my example below:

Among one of the most usual technique which has been made use of for a long time is passing the web link juice using a 301 redirect. When you erase a post with a good page authority from your domain, a good practice is to include a 301 redirect to the page to another relevant page or post from your domain name, or allow it be 404 error page.

When you make it a 404 Error web page, it does not provide you any Search Engine Optimization benefit & you may wind up losing the web page value.

Whereas when you redirect the page to another related page or your blog homepage, it passes the web link juice to the page or your homepage. Well, it’s been an equality thus far, as well as it’s not just helpful for user experience however additionally for Google crawlers.

However, this method could conveniently be used to misuse the entire practice of passing web link juice to a web page, as well as in the future, 301 redirections that page to an additional domain name. You could also use this method by getting a high PR domain, as well as 301 redirections it to your major blog and intend to see an increase in your main blog web page ranking.

Google: 301 Redirects & Links Pass Equal Link Juice

I have seen this occurring with a couple of guest messages on my blog site, when a guest writer take a web link back to a legitimate website, and later on, that web page is re-directed to the one more huge site page, and also obviously it lugs the entire web link juice along with it.

Honestly, it’s no brainer to understand such method needs to be taken into consideration as SEO black hat strategies, but Google appears to be extremely hesitant about the same till currently.

Matt Cutts view on 301 redirects and also passing web link juice

I have actually always been a believer in using white hat SEO methods, as it may be sluggish, however, it works when you are playing a long-lasting game. If you know about Web page ranking or web link juice, it, in fact, obtain separated into the variety of outgoing web link, and less number of links you have on your page, more link juice you would certainly passing to linked pages.

One way you can control the flow of link juice is by using Nofollow tag, though Google made it clear that they don’t take any follow tag into account. And, I don’t believe whatever Google says.

In a current video Matt Cutts talk about passing link juice via 301 redirects, and inning accordance with him, it does work, makings complete feeling. Back in 2010, when Eric Enge talked to Matt, he confirmed that 301 perm-redirection does not pass the 100% link juice, however below video clip claims something else.

Matt made a point that this strategy functions till currently, yet there is no warranty that it will certainly maintain operating in coming future. The way I see it, this strategy is not only manipulated by a spammer, yet it’s in truth a black hat SEO strategy to pass the web link benefits.

You could conveniently acquire a domain name with high PR  in the same niche and also include a 301 redirection to take advantage of web link juice. How easy it is to take a high Page ranking. Well, I have actually not used this method, yet I have actually attempted obtaining PR 3 with blog commenting, as well as it worked.

Web page rank or ought to I state Page trick is becoming a joke over the time, and also in addition to industrial advantages of it, there is no actual advantage of having a high PR.

You can get more website traffic with a PR 0 blog as compared to a blog with PR3+. Until now, Google web page ranking is directly proportional to the number of top quality links pointing to your site +_ other aspects, however by the end of the that it’s the backlink which matters one of the most.

With 301 redirects, you can conveniently improve the number of backlinks indicating your site, and it helps to increase the Page Rank, Domain Authority. This approach will certainly function just if you are making a 301 perm-redirection from the relevant website. And if you manage to get such web links from pointless websites, do keep Google Penguin update in your mind.

Do let me understand, in exactly what cases you are using 301 redirections? Have you seen this 301 perma-redirection working for you?

301 Redirects Rules Change: What You Need to Know for SEO

These tried and true old 301 Redirection rules included:

  1. 301 redirects result in around a 15% loss of PageRank. Matt Cutts confirmed this in 2013 when he explained that a 301 loses the exact same amount of PageRank as a link from one page to another.
  2. 302s don’t pass PageRank. By definition, 302s are temporary. So it makes sense for search engines to treat them differently.
  3. HTTPS migrations lose PageRank. This is because they typically involve lots of 301 redirects.

The New Rules of 3xx Redirection

Perhaps because of the downsides of redirection — especially with HTTPS — Google has worked to chip away at these axioms over the past several months.

  • In February, Google’s John Mueller announced that no PageRank is lost for 301 or 302 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. This was largely seen as an effort by Google to increase webmaster adoption of HTTPS.
  • Google’s Gary Illyes told the SEO world that Google doesn’t care which redirection method you use, be it 301, 302, or 307. He explained Google will figure it out and they all pass PageRank.
  • Most recently, Gary Illyes cryptically announced on Twitter that 3xx (shorthand for all 300) redirects no longer lose PageRank at all.
301 redirection rule

301 redirection rule

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