Organic SEO 10 Step Strategy For 2018

10 Most Effective SEO Strategies For 2018

Organic SEO Strategy For 2018: Organic SEO is Free. The goal should be to get your site to position number 1 in the organic SEO search results. Now on page SEO, and off page SEO are both very important to your website, and it’s organic SEO rankings. The on-page SEO factors should come first. Here is my list of the 10 things that you should especially focus on in order to get maximum love from Google, and thus a high organic SEO search position.

These are the exact SEO strategies that have helped to boost our organic search engine traffic

1.Content is the king of any site

Content is absolutely the most important ranking factor in SEO for 2018. I admit while I know a lot of SEO,  The best SEO consultants, the ones that I learn from, say that Content is king, and that’s not likely to change. Your goal should be to create content that expands the richness of a user’s experience. Easier said than done, I know. But doing these things will help.

2. Tag For Organic SEO Supremacy

The Important on page SEO factors to include on your pages are Title tags, Meta description tags, image alt tags, and don’t forget the H1 and H2 tags for bold text and headings. In order to use Meta tags effectively to optimize a page, you must include the right tags on the page itself. This includes adding ALT tags to all images, videos, and links. A general guideline for an acceptable level of keyword density is somewhere between 2-3 %, which is ideal for any given web page to help achieve a good organic SEO result.

3. Meta description

If you use WordPress, you can download a plugin like SEO Yoast to do a lot of this SEO  for you. When including your description, make sure that it includes your main keyword tags. That serves the purpose of providing accurate Meta document data to the search engines. Your Meta description is very important to your on-page SEO.

4. Keyword Placement For Success

Place keywords as close to the beginning of your title, and the first paragraph of your article as makes good sense. Here is where you include the main keywords;

A. In the title tag.

B. include your main keywords in Meta description tag.

C. include your main keywords in post URL.

D.  include your main keywords to 1st sentence and last sentence in the post.

E. include your main keywords in the H1 tag and H2 tags.

F.  include your main keywords in your image alt tags.

5. Post Length

Post length is more important than ever before because this defines the bulk of the content on most sites. So in 2018 the length of your articles should be at a minimum 400 words and articles up to 700 words or longer are fine if needed.

6. Use Lots of Images
Images are more important than ever, to include in all of your articles and posts.If you would take the time to create new fresh original related images, with image alt tags embedded in them, they will help your page rankings. Related images with alt tags can be found online by other sites and used which links back to you and creates a backlink.

7. Internal Linking  Code

Google and the other search engines like it when you link to related content on your site. That helps give a website visitor more information about a subject that they have an interest in. Google is all about providing relevant information to web visitors when they perform a search online.

8. Use Videos

You absolutely positively must include a relevant video for every article, or post on your site if you want your article to rank well in the organic SEO search results. Google loves the video. Remember that Google owns YouTube. Having YouTube video channel connected to your website is a smart thing to do. Often a video about your site will rank better and faster than your site does.

9. Social Media Signals

Social Media has become so huge, that it has redefined how Google and other search engines view your website. If you somehow have a website with no connections to social media like Twitter or facebook, that’s bad in their eyes. On the other hand, if you have social sharing buttons on your site, and website visitors are clicking on them, and sharing your content, or giving you likes, that’s great! Google will give you little brownie points for that!

10. Last But Not Least Google Plus

Let me say it again Google Plus is a must. Create a Gmail account if you don’t have one. You’ll  need one for You Tube anyway. Then create a Google plus profile, fill in the appropriate areas, photo, about yourself etc, make some contacts on Google plus. Join lots of circles. A link that page on your website. That may enhance everything that you are doing for SEO. It certainly won’t hurt your organic SEO results. For A Free SEO consultation or other questions for me please use the contact form below.

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